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Transport Minister promises to crack down on ‘disgusting’ share bikes

The government is promising to clean up thousands of dockless bikes being dumped around our city.

Several operators are offering the service where bikes can be rented and then left wherever the rider likes, without regulation.

As a result the bikes have turned up in all kinds of places, polluting Sydney’s streets and causing chaos.

See the GALLERY of bikes dumped around Sydney

Alan speaks with Transport Minister Andrew Constance, asking who issued the operator’s licences.

“It’s not us, it’s not me so I’m not quite sure.

“They’re disgusting and it’s like dumped shopping trolleys everywhere.

Alan, “But who’s going to withdraw their licence until they are responsible in the management of this product.

“You’re the government, you’ve got to do something.”

The minister agrees, “We’ve got to get them docked, we’ve got to get them cleaned up because it’s repulsive the way they’re being dumped everywhere.”

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