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Transport Minister declares ‘taxpayers are not going to be fleeced by these people’

NSW Government is refusing to accept advice that Sydney’s Light Rail project will be delivered a year late.

NSW Transport Minister Andrew Constance has confirmed the consortium hired to deliver the project say it won’t be finished till March 2020, but declares NSW Government will stand firm in the interest of taxpayers.

This follows reports from workers on the line who say they’re being told to slow down their work by Spanish subcontractor ACCIONA.

ACCIONA is currently fighting a legal battle with state government, who claims the subcontractor is involved in misleading and deceptive conduct.

As the project is perpetually delayed, Sydneysiders continue to suffer, but the Transport Minister is refusing to accept the project won’t be finished sooner.

He tells Chris Kenny he believes they’re capable of getting the job done by next year as promised.

“I think there’s certainly a ‘go-slow’ on.

“If you go and walk around the construction zones… there’s very few staff on hand.”

He puts the delay down to “contract argy-bargy” but asserts NSW Government will “stand firm”.

“We’re going to stand firm in the interest of taxpayers.

“They have a contractual obligation to people of New South Wales to build the light rail and then operate it for 15 years.

“The taxpayers are not going to be fleeced by these people.

“We’re not going to be held to ransom.”

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