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‘Tragedy’: Disabled man killed by pet dog, wife in hospital

Merrick Watts

A man has been mauled to death and his wife seriously injured after their pet dog turned on them in Victoria last night.

Police were called to Mill Park at about 6.40pm and were forced to shoot the dog, believed to be an American Staffordshire Terrier.

It was then seized by Council rangers.

The killed man, aged in his 60s, was a disability pensioner who used a wheelchair.

He died at the scene. His wife remains in hospital.

Neighbour Frank Pansino tells Macquarie Radio it’s a “tragedy” that he had feared would one day happen.

Veterinary Expert Dr Rob Zammit tells Merrick Watts the dog was a dominant breed.

“People take them on simply because they want a big dominant dog… they’ve got to put the time in.

“If you’re not prepared to do training with a dog they shouldn’t have it.”

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Merrick Watts