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Tony Abbott’s plan to help indigenous communities

Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott is calling for a major overhaul of the way people pay fines in remote communities.

Some indigenous people are facing jail terms if they fail to settle fines.

Mr Abbott believes it’s a harsh response and says it would be better to deduct a small amount from welfare payments until the penalty is paid.

He tells Ray Hadley it’s one of his major recommendations from his review into Indigenous communities.

“For people on welfare, if they are fined, the fine should be deductible against their welfare payments.

“There should be data exchange between the police, the prosecutors and Centrelink.”

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Mr Abbott also commented on the rise of minor parties ahead of the upcoming federal election.

The former PM says he would prefer people voted for Labor rather than independents.

“For all Labor’s faults, at least they are a party of government,” says Mr Abbott.