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Tony Abbott: ‘We are full and frankly we’re fed up’

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The Greater Sydney Commission’s Lucy Turnbull has said Sydney is “far from full”, a claim former Prime Minister Tony Abbott is rubbishing.

Mr Abbott tells Ben Fordham we’ve reached capacity.

“We’re full and frankly we’re fed up with not being given the infrastructure that even the existing population densities deserve, let alone the greater population densities that some people want us to have.

“I respectfully disagree with Mrs Turnbull here.

“The only way you can keep cramming more people into Sydney is by badly damaging our quality of life, and I don’t want to damage our quality of life.”

When it comes to the closure of the Liddell coal-fired power station, Mr Abbott says a private business shouldn’t be allowed to act “so obviously against the national interest”.

This week, power giant AGL formerly refused a bit from Alinta Energy to acquire Liddell which is set to close within five years.

“At the moment we are racing towards a cliff and I just don’t see nearly enough being done about it,” Mr Abbott says.

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