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Lucy Turnbull says Sydney isn’t full… 2GB listeners flood the open line to disagree

Ray Hadley has offered an open invitation to chauffeur The Greater Sydney Commission’s Lucy Turnbull around Sydney after the PM’s wife claimed the city is “far from full”.

Her comments come after a report warns Sydney is lagging behind similar global cities when it comes to commute times and dealing with congestion.

The document, prepared for the Property Council, found Sydney has worse congestion than similarly sized cities.

Mrs Turnbull said Sydney is “far from full” but we need to make sure growth is well planned.

Well, Ray, along with a full board of open line callers, believe that’s complete nonsense.

“With all due respect  Mrs Turnbull, it mightn’t be full at Point Piper, but come to south-west and western Sydney and you’ll see it’s more than full.

“But let me tell you, and it’s an open invitation to you Lucy, I’ll chauffeur you around.

“I’ll show you the explosion of many high-rise apartments, particularly in my area in north-western Sydney, which are unwanted.”

Listen to Ray’s comments in full below

Listener Greg, a firefighter from the upper North Shore calls in to warn the congestion is putting people’s lives at risk.

“We get delayed responses all the time.

“Any time of the day, trying to go up Pacific Highway or out to Ryde, someone’s going to die one day when we can’t get there in time.”

Michael from Belmore tells Ray the building of high-rises needs to “stop immediately”.

“Well Mrs Turnbull, I’ve been living in Belmore for 35 years, used to take me 20 minutes to get me down to the city to start work, it takes anywhere between an hour, an hour, 20 minutes now.”

Jennel from north-west Carlingford says “it’s unreal”.

“I tell you, it’s just getting worse and worse and worse.

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