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Tony Abbott: ‘They’re being very clever with words here’

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Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has denied claims Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton went to him and Treasurer Scott Morrison, suggesting Australia cut immigration by 20,000.

Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott says “they’re being very clever with words here”.

“They saying it never went to Cabinet, but that’s not to say it hasn’t been discussed by cabinet ministers.

“I can’t understand why the Foreign Minister and the Prime Minister are so nervous about admitting that the government had a discussion about reducing immigration.

“We’ve got stagnant wages, we’ve got unaffordable housing, we’ve got clogged infrastructure.

“The only thing the government can do… is to quite significantly scale back the rate of immigration.”

At the end of his annual Poly Pedal, Mr Abbott says “it’s been a good day”.

“My backside is sore, my voice is hoarse but my spirit is good.”

Ben puts former PM’s lost voice down to karaoke.

“Well look, this is the worry. I might have to cancel my 15 numbers.”

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