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Tony Abbott reveals when and why he will retire from politics

Tony Abbott has been through a lot in his 25 years in the federal parliament.

He’s climbed from the backbench to the top job and then gone all the way back down again.

After losing the Prime Ministership, he refused to quit politics, instead insisting on serving the people of Warringah.

Well, now he’s revealed to Ben Fordham what would finally see him give up politics.

The long-planned, but never-delivered Northern Beaches tunnel.

“There’s no way on God’s earth I’m ever going to retire until this tunnel is built,” he tells Ben.

“And that’s probably about five years on current construction schedules.”

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Mr Abbott admits he’s in the fight of his life to retain his seat on the Northern Beaches.

He’s facing a concerted effort by Independent Zali Steggall for the blue-ribbon seat.

The former PM tells Ben Fordham he’s an experienced campaigner and will be working night and day until the election.

“There’s absolutely no doubt that, at the moment, I’m the underdog.

“There’s absolutely no doubt that, as things stand, I’m going to be way outspent by Getup, the Unions and covert Labor operatives coming into the seat.”