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Tony Abbott on embassy: ‘I don’t see why we shouldn’t follow the Americans’

Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott is renewing his push for Australia to move its embassy to Jerusalem.

US President Donald Trump’s decision to move America’s diplomatic headquarters to Jerusalem has sparked mass protests in Gaza which has resulted in the deaths of 60 Palestinians.

Mr Abbott posted a tweet supporting America’s decision, saying Australia should follow suit.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull was quick to knock back the idea, saying Australia’s embassy will remain in Tel Aviv.

Mr Abbott tells Ben Fordham he doesn’t “see why we shouldn’t follow the Americans”.

“West Jerusalem is where the Isreali Parliament, where the Isreali Supreme Court, are located. It’s where the Prime Minister’s office, the President’s office are located.

“Why not move our embassy to West Jerusalem, as the Americans have done, which is part of what is internationally recognised as Isreali territory?”

Mr Abbott said moving the embassy from Tel Aviv to Isreal’s capital would send a strong message to Arab leaders.

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