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Tony Abbott happy to see Labor’s ‘nasty front’ exposed

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Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott agrees with a former colleague who says Get Up and unions have become so toxic, they’re damaging politics.

Liberal backbencher Nicolle Flint believes the groups need to be called to account for their tactics leading up to this year’s election.

Mr Abbott tells Alan Jones, he was also on the receiving end of an aggressive campaign.

“One of the many good outcomes of this election has been the exposure of GetUp! as a really nasty front for the worst elements of ‘the left’ in our polity.

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Mr Abbott is currently taking part in the annual Pollie Pedal Bike Ride.

The eight-day ride is making its way through regional Queensland, raising money for veteran support group Soldier On.

Politicians Angus Taylor, Kevin Andrews, David Gillespie and Ben Morton have joined the former PM, who founded the event in 1997.

Mr Abbott tells Alan Jones it’s a chance to meet people in regional areas, and raise money for an important charity.

“We’ve got about a dozen veterans riding with us, all of whom are active with Soldier On or they’ve been helped by Soldier On.

“Listening to their stories at night of their own military service and what’s happened to their lives. That’s quite inspirational.”

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