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Tony Abbott defends Australia Day: ‘Why are these people so embarrassed about our country?’

Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott has staunchly defended Australia Day, saying British settlement was good for our country.

Mr Abbott tells Chris Kenny he doesn’t understand Labor’s “ambiguous stance” on Australia Day.

“Why are these people so embarrassed about our country?

“I think there’s been a deafening silence from the Labor Party…they’ve tried to have a bet each way which is so typical.

“We must work…to make ourselves better but we don’t do that by wallowing in endless, carping self-criticism.”

Mr Abbott says trying to rewrite our history books isn’t realistic.

“It wasn’t good immediately for everyone but…the modern Austalia that emerged from British settlement…is something that all of us on balance can and should be proud of.

“This idea that we should never have been settled the way we were, it’s unrealistic and it flies in the face of our country’s historical achievement.”

Mr Abbott also commented on Donald Trump’s action on North Korea.

“Donald Trump, I think has injected a new element of firmness into this. As a result, we’ve seen the Chinese ratchet up the pressure on the North Koreans.

“I find it a little dismaying, instead of giving this guy credit, so many people, particularly on the left of politics, keep sneering at him.”

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