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Thousands of demountable classrooms ‘not good enough’

There’s a fight brewing over the number of demountable classrooms in Sydney’s southwest.

More than 100,000 kids are being educated in 4,000 demountable classrooms, and that’s just the start.

In 2021, the same time state government is expected to open the second of two stadia upgrades, 180,000 students will be taught in demountables.

With over 100 demountable classrooms in the Camden area alone, the local state Labor candidate says students deserve better.

Labor Candidate for Camden Sally Quinnell tells Ben Fordham “it’s not good enough”.

“I was teaching at a demountable at 8:30 this morning and I can tell you in the middle of winter, 8:30 in Camden is very, very cold.

“It took two heaters to heat up that demountable so the children could use it and learn.

She tells Ben some of the demountables are over 20 years old.

“Once they reach their use by date, they become tin sheds that are boiling hot in summer and freezing cold in winter, and they’re taking up green space that our kids used to play in.”

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