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Thousands of Australians forced to dip into their super to pay medical bills

With private healthcare premiums on the rise, more people are turning to the public health system but people are still finding it difficult to pay their bills.

15,000 thousand Australians are dipping into their superannuation each year to pay for essential medical services.

Chris Kenny speaks with CEO of the Consumers Health Forum Leanne Wells to find out more.

“Not a lot of people are aware you can do that. You have to convince your super fund.

“It’s showing us that we’ve clearly, quite simply, got a public health system that’s not keeping up with demand.”

Ms Wells says critical services should be funded by our public universal system.

“Australians are facing increasingly more out-of-pocket costs.”

She also says Australians might begin to see an emerging two-tier system where there are some people can afford to pay for essential medical services and some who can’t.

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