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‘This was not unprovoked’: David Elliott reveals what really sparked Luke Foley attack

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Alan Jones has taken New South Wales Minister David Elliott to task over his “grubby” attack on Luke Foley in parliament.

Mr Elliott used parliamentary privilege to accuse the opposition leader of harassing an ABC journalist at a Christmas Party in 2016.

The journalist involved has not made a complaint and Luke Foley insists he did nothing wrong and that there was no incident.

Alan Jones has done his own ringing around and says he’s found no shred of evidence to support the allegations.

Speaking with Mr Elliott, Alan tells him, “politics have got to give this stuff away”.

“That performance in the parliament is unbecoming of you and it’s unbecoming of politics itself.

“People see you as a bloke now who plays politics in this grubby way. There’s no justification for it.”

The Veteran Affairs Minister tried to explain his actions, saying the Labor Party have stooped just as low.

“There is because if you look at the Hansard, it wasn’t unprovoked.

“These guys said to me last month that my father died of shame in August.

“There was no response from Luke Foley when that was said.”

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The Minister also spoke to Alan about a fantastic story.

Six high school students are heading to Europe this weekend as winners of the ANZAC Centenary Scholarship.

“This has been the highlight of my public life as far as I’m concerned,” says Mr Elliott.



Luke Foley insists ‘nothing happened’ amid claims of harassment