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Luke Foley insists ‘nothing happened’ amid claims of harassment

Pressure is mounting on NSW Labor Leader Luke Foley to confront claims he harassed an ABC journalist.

The allegations are unsubstantiated and Mr Foley vehemently denies any wrongdoing.

The story was broken by The Australian State Political Editor Andrew Clennell in May.

It was brought back to life last week in a parliamentary spray by Liberal Minister David Elliott.

Mr Foley called him a “grub” and he retaliated with the harassment allegations.

Luke Foley has threatened to sue Mr Elliott if he repeats the claims outside of parliamentary privilege.

He’s also threatened to sue journalists if they publish rumoured details.

Mr Foley is alleged to have been involved in an incident at Martin Place Bar in 2016 following the state parliament press gallery Christmas drinks.

The female ABC journalist at the centre of it all has never publicly accused Mr Foley of bad behaviour, and he insists “nothing happened”.

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Ben Fordham has invited Mr Foley onto the show, but he’s declined the offer.

“He must front up. This is not the kind of story that goes away,” says Ben.

The Australian’s Andrew Clennel tells Ben “it’s difficult to say” how the story will turn.

“It appears that basically, Luke Foley’s future is in the hands of an ABC journalist.

“If she so much as produces a complaint… senior Labor MPs are telling me they’ll roll Luke Foley.

“If she does not, it’s highly likely that he will survive until the next election.

“It’s a bizarre set of circumstances.”

Mr Clennell says when he approached the journalist concerned, she told him, “I can’t comment, you’ll have to speak to ABC media”.

“She hasn’t said ‘It didn’t happen. Please don’t write this, Andrew, I don’t want it out there’. If she did quite frankly Ben I would never have reported on it.”