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‘This has a smell about it’: Further revelations about rejected $500m project

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Alan Jones is questioning if the state government is “falling apart at the seams” as the Ritz-Carlton fiasco gets worse.

The $500-million project has been blocked with claims the 61-storey hotel would “appear isolated and overly prominent” in the Pyrmont area.

That’s despite the government’s own chief architect selecting and approving design after four years of consultation and planning.

Alan Jones has now revealed the Planning Department rejected the tower based on advice from octogenarian 86-year-old Professor Peter Webber, an “independent expert” with a record of campaigning against casinos.

He was the NSW Government architect for one year in the 1970s.

“This bloke Webber was wrongly commissioned by the government to deliver an independent report,” says Alan Jones.

“He has hijacked that brief to soapbox his views.

“The views and Webber should be disqualified.”

Alan says Premier Gladys Berejiklian and Minister Rob Stokes need to stop blocking investment in Sydney.

“The government should have some guts. Approve the thing and get on with it.

“Or is this government falling apart at the seams?”

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