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New hotel set to transform Sydney’s skyline

Over the next 10 years, the number of tourists coming into Australia is expected to double to around 15 million.

Around a quarter of those will come from China, meaning Australia’s hotels need to play catch up.

As of today, a new 61-storey, six-star Ritz-Carlton hotel is set to transform the skyline around Darling Harbour.

With 220 rooms, it will be an expansion of The Star.

Barangaroo’s Crown Casino and hotel will also add another 350 rooms from 2021.

See the proposed Ritz-Carlton hotel location below

The Star boss Matt Bekier tells Ross Greenwood “people can come to this country, but they haven’t got a place to stay”.

“Tourism has been growing double digits for the past 10 years. It will continue to grow for another 30 years.”

He says while we can build new airports and cruise ship terminals, people need a place to stay.

He says Pyrmont is one of the most popular areas for tourists.

“The Fish Markets is actually the place where 60 per cent of all the Asian tourists that come to Australia go to.”

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