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This event will whisk-ey you away

Deborah Knight

Are you partial to a warm whisk(e)y on a cold winter’s night and not participating in Dry July?

Well, this month is for you.

Bars across the nation are celebrating all things whisk(e)y this month in honour of Rye July, with special events, tastings and masterclasses on the cards.

The Glenmore Hotel at The Rocks in Sydney is hosting its celebration on July 19 for all those who adore the spirit.

Deborah Knight reveals she hasn’t had the best experience with the beverage but Jessica Arnott from Diageo assures her there’s a way for everyone to enjoy it.

She says it’s really a case of finding what works for you.

“Some of the more approachable ones might be things like our Japanese whiskeys, very light in flavour.

“It’s about finding a flavour profile that’s going to work for your set of tastebuds really.”

Jessica has brought in three whiskeys for Deborah to taste and her method may have some purists shaking in their boots.

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Find out more about Rye July and secure your place at The Glenmore Hotel’s event here