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This ancestry search went from ‘kooky’ to ‘mind-blowing’

Have you ever tried to piece your family tree online and got much more than you bargained for?

Shona Smith, a member of the Ben Fordham Show team, certainly got a shock when her dad started investigating his background.

She tells Ben Fordham her story went from being “a little kooky” to “mind-blowing”.

Shona’s Dad, Al, succumbed to pressure from his kids and agreed to enter his details on

When his results came through, Al received an email from a man called Matthew who said they were a 50 per cent match.

Matthew was persistent and wouldn’t let it go.

“In the end, he was very blunt and said, ‘A 50 per cent match is a half-brother’,” Shona says.

That’s when things got strange…

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