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‘They knew all along!’: Ray Hadley fires up over Willow Grove scandal

The NSW government made removal of heritage protections a prerequisite for the purchase of one of the new Powerhouse Museum sites, The Sydney Morning Herald has revealed.

Ray Hadley, who has been fiercely campaigning to save Parramatta’s historic Willow Grove and St George’s Terrace buildings, was troubled by the revelations.

“This becomes more and more bizarre as life goes on.

“The state government knew all along they wanted to knock it base over apex!

“It’s incredible; it’s disgraceful.”

City of Parramatta Councillor Donna Davis told Ray Premier Gladys Berejiklian’s claims she wanted to protect the heritage buildings don’t stack up.

“It shows that there was always an intention to protect Willow Grove and its garden, and the state government completely disregarded that.

“Even if the Premier did not know at that particular point in time … the fact is that the Premier knows now.”

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Image: NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment