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Mark Latham slams new anti-discrimination laws as ‘one-way traffic’

The Outsider Mark Latham is slamming the New South Government’s proposed new anti-discrimination laws.

“This is the problem with these laws… laws apply to people who vilify women, or vilify gays or vilify non-white races but they don’t apply in the opposite direction,” Latham tells Ben Fordham.

Latham uses the example of the advent of anti-white racism in Australia.

“You’ve only got to look at the ABC or The Guardian website… you’ll find a stack of anti-white racism.

“These laws are one-way traffic.”

As for the State of Origin, Latham is shocked that NSW keep being named favourites every year given their track record.

Latham says “Queensland is a safe bet”, but concedes he is still backing the Blues tomorrow night.

Full chat with Mark Latham below