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These ladies found success in doorstep dinners

Chris Smith has noticed a growing trend in the office.

Meal deliveries.

They’re making their way onto the desks of Macquarie Radio producers. But why?

“They don’t have enough time to cook,” says Chris.

Sophie Gilliatt and Katherine Westwood are The Dinner Ladies, a meal delivery service, and they join Chris in the studio.

The idea was born when a fellow school mum approached Sophie at the school gate.

” [She] said she’d pay me to cook her some diners.”

Originally set up in Sydney, the ladies have now launched in Brisbane.

They tell Chris the response since expanding has been “fantastic”.

“Everyone’s so open and they just embrace the idea,” says Sophie.

“There are the same people everywhere that love good food, that want to sit down with their family, eat properly.

“That’s not a need that’s particular any one place.”

But the ladies are more than just creative cooks.

They’ve also used their success to establish a pre-school in Timor, and are onto building their second.

Listen to the full interview below

For more information on the ladies, visit their website here.