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‘These are common sense solutions’: Cory Bernardi’s Burqa Ban Bill

Senator Cory Bernardi is renewing his push for a burqa ban, tabling a bill in parliament that calls for the clothing to be prohibited in airports and Centrelink offices.

Although the federal government has previously claimed they don’t have the power to ban the burqa, The Australian Conservatives leader believes he may have found a loop-hole.

“The loophole is that the Commonwealth can legislate on security grounds or other grounds a prescribed visual aspect in areas they control,” Mr Bernardi tells Ben Fordham.

“So the six major airports… can come under Commonwealth control.

“This bill also makes it a requirement that if you’re going into a Centrelink office, which is where a lot of people have their interaction with the federal government, you are required to have an open visage when you go into it.”

Mr Bernardi tells Ben “these are common sense solutions” to security and safety concerns surrounding the clothing.

“The people who wear the niqāb and the people who wear the burqa are directly challenging western values.

“They are saying we don’t want to be a part of your society.

“If they want to be here and engage… in the lifestyle that we have here, well then make them show their face.”

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