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‘There are places… crying out for more people’: Migrants to be sent to rural towns

John Stanley

Migrants could be spread out into rural areas in an attempt to ease the population surge in our major cities.

Cities, Urban Infrastructure and Population Minister Alan Tudge plans to unveil a new strategy that would see migrants spread across the country to boost the population in smaller towns who are calling out for more residents.

Mr Tudge tells John Stanley “the essential challenge is that we’ve got three very fast growing big capital cities in Melbourne, Sydney and South East Queensland around Brisbane”.

“And yet the rest of Australia is growing actually quite slowly and often there are places which are actually crying out for more people.”

One of the strategies being considered is placing conditions on migrant visas forcing them to settle in regional and rural areas to take the pressure off the major cities.

“We’re looking at whether or not we can create further incentives and indeed then further conditions upon new migrants to go to the smaller states,” says Mr Tudge.

It is hoped the temporary push into regional areas will allow migrants to make these rural towns their homes.

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