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‘I don’t have any hope at all’: Hanson doubts PM will cut immigration rate

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Senior Government Minister Alan Tudge has hinted a new plan to attract migrants to regional areas is being pursued by the Morrison Government.

Cabinet ministers have for months been wrestling with how to confront surging population growth in capital cities while boosting migration to regional areas.

Mr Tudge has confirmed the government is working to unveil a national population policy well before the next election.

It comes after a Fairfax Media poll revealed 63 per cent of voters want to restrict migrant numbers in Sydney, while 50 per cent opposed further redevelopment to accommodate the population boom.

But Senator Pauline Hanson says the focus on dispersing the population indicates the government has no intention of curtailing the immigration rate.

“I don’t have any hope he’ll cut it at all, I think he’s dead set on keeping it there,” she tells Luke Grant.

“He actually propped up our economy, the GDP, with immigration. So if he cuts it back at all, it’s not going to prop up the GDP of this country.”

When it comes to forcing migrants to settle in regional communities, Senator Hanson doubts the plan will work.

“They’re not going to move to rural and regional areas. We can’t even get Australians to go out there, let alone migrants.

“I just hope the people realise what’s happening here because it will impact, and is impacting, our standards of living and way of life.”

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