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The world’s greatest living explorer has one more adventure on his list

The Guinness Book of Records has dubbed him ‘world’s greatest living explorer’, so what is the one adventure left on Sir Ranulph Fiennes’ list?

He was the first human to reach both the North and South Pole.

The first to cross the Antarctic and Arctic Ocean.

The first to circumnavigate the world vertically.

He climbed Everest as a means to get rid of his fear of heights and he’s had to cut off his own fingers due to frostbite.

What could possibly be left to explore for a man now in his 70s?

He tells Alan Jones it’s a secret… for now.

“There is something left on the list but, Alan, I’m not telling you because my rivals will hear it.”

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Sir Ranulph Fiennes is touring Australia for the first time.

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