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The Veronicas open up on ‘isolating and exhausting’ heartache

The Veronicas’ Lisa and Jessica Origliasso have revealed the personal impact of grieving while caring for a loved one.

Five years ago, the twins’ mother Colleen was diagnosed with a rare neurological condition called “progressive supranuclear palsy”, affecting her cognitive and motor function.

When she was admitted to palliative care, Lisa and Jess put their music careers on the backburner, moving back to Australia to care for her.

Lisa told Deborah Knight the experience has been “incredibly isolating and exhausting”, and setting boundaries can be “impossible at times”, but she believes the hard work is worthwhile.

“It’s the most rewarding thing that we could ever do in our lives, to be able to give back to the most incredible woman; to make sure that she’s afforded the dignity that she deserves.

“We want every minute with her that we can possibly have.”

It’s been six years between album cycles for the Veronicas, but they credit their mother as their inspiration to get back in the studio.

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Image: Getty Images/Jason LaVeris