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The plan for a COVID-safe summer for Sydney’s beachgoers

Beachgoers can expect to see “beach inspectors” and rangers who will monitor crowd numbers and social distancing at Bondi beach over the summer. 

Yesterday councils across Sydney issued capacity warnings to would-be beachgoers as crowds flocked to the ocean during the public holiday break.

It was the first real test for beaches since the COVID-19 pandemic began.

Waverley Council mayor Paula Masselos said it was a really good atmosphere and crowds were well behaved.

“We did go to Level 2, which is the level when we are getting close to capacity … luckily we didn’t have to restrict access to the sand,” she told Jim Wilson.

Over the summer, Sydneysiders can go to the council’s social media pages to get updates on crowd numbers.

“We’ve got our beach inspectors, rangers and lifeguards, they go around and we are very cognizant of social distancing.”

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