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‘The left have hijacked it’: Bolt says axing Guthrie won’t improve things

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Former ABC Boss Michelle Guthrie has been sacked.

The former Google executive was lured to the ABC to spearhead the public broadcaster’s digital strategy.

But she was unexpectedly axed as managing director on Monday, halfway through her five-year term.

The board decided it’s no longer in the organisation’s best interests to have Ms Guthrie at the helm, listing her leadership style as a key factor.

Andrew Bolt tells Steve Price he doesn’t think firing Ms Guthrie will improve things

“There’s a lot of spin going on, I’ll tell you. But there’s no explanation as to why they’ve sacked a woman that taxpayers paid $900,000 a year to run an organisation that we pay $1 billion to a year.

“We’re treated like mushrooms like we can’t know why she’s gone.”

Andrew says the taxpayer-funded broadcaster has been “hijacked”.

“This is a major cultural institution that I think has been in breach of its charter.

“I think it’s disgraceful the way it’s been preaching politics. The left have hijacked it.

“There is not a single conservative current affairs presenter or news presenter on that massive, massive platform that we all pay for.

“It’s supposed, by law, to be balanced.”

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