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The journalist who sparked the media’s nationwide campaign against the government

The nation’s media have joined forces today, launching the “Your Right to Know” campaign aimed at protecting the public’s right to a free and uncensored press.

The government’s new national security laws have allowed the Australian Federal Police to seize the phones and computers of journalists, to search for details of sources and whistleblowers.

It was all sparked by a raid on the home of Newscorp journalist Annika Smethurst, who wrote a story 12 months earlier about the government spying on Australian citizens.

Ms Smethurst tells Ray Hadley reporters must be able to expose wrongdoing that’s in the public interest.

“It’s not about making journalists above the law but it’s about changing the laws so journalism that isn’t a crime.

“So people out there know what the government is doing in their name.

“We elect governments and we give them a lot of taxpayer government dollars to act on our behalf and I think it’s only fair that we understand what they’re doing.”

Ms Smethurst details just how intrusive the police raids were, with all of her private and professional possessions scoured over by officers.

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One of Australia’s leading investigative journalists, Kate McClymont, has also joined the campaign.

The Nine newspapers reporter tells Ray Hadley the government’s oppressive laws are hurting the public.

“We’re not there to write stories for our own fun.

“It’s to give our listeners, our readers knowledge about things they should know about.”

Ms Mclymont goes on to explain exactly how the government’s veil of secrecy stops her from doing her job.

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