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The idea to re-open Australia’s borders with a ‘traffic light’ system of travel

A public health specialist has raised the idea of a risk grading system to re-open Australia’s borders to allow state-to-state travel.

There are estimates the hard line border closures are costing Australia’s economy $84 million a day and up to 5000 jobs a week.

One idea is to have travellers from low-risk states subject to a temperature check and filling out a registration form, medium-risk states require a negative test before they leave, and interstate visitors from high-risk states, such as Victoria, subject to hotel quarantine.

Associate Professor Nathan Grills at the University of Melbourne told Ben Fordham it’s akin to a “traffic light” system.

“There’s definitely possibility to have a graded response rather than having a hard closed border with no in-betweens,” he said.

“It would allow some economic activity to return to normal.”

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