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WATCH: The greatest Winter Olympian of all-time drops by

Snowboarder Shaun White is the greatest Winter Olympian of all time. He’s the Usain Bolt, the Tiger Woods, the Michael Phelps, the Tony Hawk of snow sports.

He’s won three Olympic gold medals in the halfpipe, but more importantly, he’s transcended the sport, taking it to the masses.

He joins Alan Jones in the studio, with the two hitting it off right away.

“What an intro, thank you. Alright, I’m feeling the love over here!”

White’s dominance in the halfpipe came under threat at this year’s Pyeongchang Games.

With just one run left he went for a trick that saw him airlifted to hospital the last time he attempted it.

“I was nervous about it because the last time… I clipped the top of the 22 foot wall, bounced 22 feet to the bottom and split my face open.

“So now, here I am at the Olympics, going ‘alright, it’s now or never, I got to do this’.”

He won gold and tells Alan about his mum’s hulk-style celebrations.

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Now the 31-year-old is turning his eyes, and his enormous wealth, to new ventures, bringing his Air + Style festival to Sydney in August.

He also tells Alan about his failed attempts to disguise himself and remain incognito while training on the slopes.

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