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The greatest achievement in Sonny Bill Williams’ career revealed

Code-switching rugby league great Sonny Bill Williams has made his triumphant return to the Sydney Roosters, to debut on the Saturday night side.

Mr Williams admitted to Mark Levy and Brad Fittler he’s “really excited, but at the same time nervous” for his first comeback clash at the weekend.

“I think anyone that tells you they don’t get nervous … before big events, they’d be lying to themselves and to you.

“I’m no different.”

SBW has proven himself a popular special guest with listeners, who wanted to know what he believes is the greatest achievement in his long professional career.

“Being able to put myself in a position of influence,” he answered.

“The accolades and sporting achievements definitely come second, behind being able to use my voice and use my platform for positivity, and things that I … strongly believe in.”

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Image: Steve Christo/Getty Images