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The genius new app helping the homeless off the streets

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Have you ever wanted to help someone who’s sleeping rough, but had no idea how to go about it?

Jewish House is hoping their new app Mend is the solution to this all too common predicament.

One of the biggest challenges for charities that work with the homeless is identifying where they are. The basic premise behind the app is to help such organisations track the homeless.

When a member of the public sees a homeless person on the street and are unsure how to help, they’ll be able to use the app to enter basic information about that person, such as their location, rough age and gender.

The information will then be sent to an appropriate homeless charity or service, who will then let you know they have received your alert and responded.

Rabbi Mendel Kastel from Jewish House created Mend alongside Sydney businesswoman Alexandra Tselios.

He tells Steve Price many Aussies don’t know how to respond to homelessness, but he hopes the app will encourage them to help in a meaningful way.

“Ideally we want to get professionals to be able to give them the appropriate help and really help them get off the street cause that’s really the goal.

“Giving them blankets is great… but really we need to give them a home.”

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Mend launches tonight and will be available for download on Apple or Android