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The fatal crash that will haunt first responders ‘for the rest of their lives’

“What they discovered next is something no one can be trained or prepared for.”

The scene that faced first responders when they arrived at a fatal car crash in Orchard Hills on 28 September is one that “will haunt them all for the rest of their lives.”

Bronko Hoang was found unconscious in the passenger seat of a car.

Next to him was his 17-year-old sister who was driving, while his wife Katherine, who was 38-weeks pregnant with twins, was sitting in the back seat.

They were found dead by paramedics in one of the most confronting scenes imaginable.

In a coma for the week following the incident, Bronko was unaware his family was dead.

When he finally heard the news, he screamed in agony.

After Bronko broke his silence with Ray Hadley yesterday, a listener has written into the show, detailing the horrific scene that faced those who were first there.

“Some of the officers who attended that scene have been doing what they do for in excess of 30 years,” says Ray.

“They tell me they’ve never seen the like of what they encountered at Orchard Hills.”

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When those first responders arrived, they identified almost immediately Bronko’s 17-year-old sister was deceased.

They then turned to the back seat, where Katherine was, and “what they discovered next is something no one can be trained or prepared for”.

“I’m told, and I hope the Premier of New South Wales is listening, the scene… will haunt them all for the rest of their lives.

“These people work as first responders because they have a compassion, a willingness to preserve human life.

“There are no words to express the sense of grief, horror and loss those first responders experienced that night.

“It was more than horrific, it was more than tragic.”

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