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The difficult email Ray received about a silent killer 

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A listener sent Ray Hadley a difficult email to read. One that certainly would’ve been harder to compose.

The man wanted to remain anonymous but tells Ray he’s about to die from kidney failure.

Doctors can’t do anything other than prolong his life, but the side effects “are awful”, so he’s made the decision to stop both his medication and dialysis.

The man thanks Ray for helping him through the tougher months of his life.

“You and Alan over the radio have helped me stay alive with a positive frame of mind.

“Ray, I accept my plight and I don’t want sympathy. I know my death is imminent.

“I have total control of my death. No one can take that away from me.”

His final wish before he dies is to share with the world what kidney failure sufferers go through.

“This slow silent death is virtually unknown, unlike cancer, which is well publicised. Kidney failure is silent. It creeps up on you.

“I wish I know how to tell the public more about kidney failure sufferers.”

“Thanks for reading my ramblings.”

Ray thanked the man for his inspirational email.

“They’re not ramblings, they’re put together magnificently by a gentleman facing the most dire of circumstances.”

Listen to Ray read the emotional email below