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The critical message behind Australian company’s massive decision

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This interview with Ross Greenwood is the most important thing you should listen to today, according to Alan Jones.

Macquarie Radio’s Finance Editor says an announcement from Australian company BlueScope will have massive ramifications.

The steel manufacturing giant has committed to a $1-billion expansion plan. But, they’ve decided to invest in America, not Australia.

BlueScope CEO Mark Vassella has told Ross Greenwood the decision was largely based on the cost of energy in this country

“The energy costs for our investment in North America are about a third of what we would pay in Australia.

BlueScope invests $1 billion in the US amid concerns of Australian energy prices

Ross has broken down the impact of the decision with Alan Jones, explaining just how serious it is.

“Understand that this is a really important thing because a billion dollars going there maybe could have gone here.

“Here’s the issue, this means jobs.”

Alan says BlueScope’s decision will be the first of many and that people need to start listening.

“That segment is most probably the most important statement that will be made anywhere in the media today.

“Rest assured it won’t be repeated anywhere, it will be lost in the ether.”

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