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The Big Guns: How can Barnaby Joyce survive the chaos in Canberra?

Andrew Bolt and Graham Richardson join Ben Fordham to discuss Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce’s future and the anger surrounding George Christensen’s gun post.

The Big Guns were asked how Mr Joyce can continue on as leader of the Nationals, with reports senior members of the party are holding crisis talks as pressure mounts for him to step down.

Andrew says Mr Joyce’s position is unsustainable.

“Barnaby Joyce has embarrassed himself, his wife, his daughters, his party, the government and the Prime Minister and yet he still refuses to quit,” he says.

“Some Nationals may be saying why should Barnaby sacrifice himself to save a Prime Minister who can’t be saved anyway?

“This farce will go on for days until Barnaby quits.”

Graham tells Ben it was one of the “worst cases of selfishness” he’s ever witnessed in politics.

“Malcolm has got one hope going for him, and that is that the Nationals finally get the guts to act in a way we know they must, now they will,” he says.

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