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The Big Guns are not cutting Steve Smith any slack

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The cricketing world is up in arms following the shocking ball-tampering scandal.

Ben Fordham has condemned Australian Cricket Captain Steve Smith over ball-tampering in South Africa but says he’s not prepared to “hang these blokes for a crime that’s been committed a thousand times”.

Big Guns Andrew Bolt and Graham Richardson disagree.

“It’s more than just stupid,” says Graham.

“The Australian Captain is a person of enormous influence and you just can’t believe that a captain would act this way.

“What’s worse, when he was admitting it, it was almost as if it was nothing.”

Ben: “I don’t think these blokes should be hanged for something that’s been done 1,000 times before.”

Graham: “You and I totally disagree. We are now internationally regarded as a joke.

“I don’t think Australia’s reputation is worth Steve Smith’s career.”

Andrew Bolt shares a similar view, saying “there’s a culture that needs to be uprooted”.

“I think he should be out for a long time.”

“He can never captain Australia again,” he tells Ben.

“I think Australia’s better than that… It’s a really shocking thing to see that we’re not.”

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