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The ‘baffling’ bid to overturn Australia’s exotic bird ban

A potential bid to overturn a 25-year ban on the importation of exotic parrots could be overturned, in a move that one expert says is “baffling”. 

The Federal Government’s agriculture department is considering relaxing the laws.

Sean Dooley from Birdlife Australia said he had a number of concerns about opening up the trade.

“It’s baffling,” he said.

“None of the major zoos have put their hand up and said they’ve been asking for this.

“We are a bit unclear of what the impetus for it is.”

He said they were concerned it could bring in new diseases for Australia’s native bird population, as well as the risk they could get out.

“If you introduce more of these birds they could go feral, they could escape and go feral.”

Community consultation is open until September 19.

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