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The Aussie company behind Hollywood’s biggest films

From Youtube ‘influencers’ to Academy Award winning directors – this one Aussie tech company is delivering a product accessible to all.

Australian technology company BlackMagic Design started out as a small side project and has since grown into an internationally revered and sought after business.

In fact, five of the eight best picture nominated films at the Oscars this year have been created with BlackMagic Design software and hardware.

BlackMagic Design founder and CEO Grant Petty tells Ross Greenwood, these feature films are edited on their DaVinci Resolve product which used to be worth $800,000 but is now free to download.

“The Hollywood guys use that product, obviously on big hardware, but you can actually download that…and actually use that yourself.

“To me, that’s what’s really important…I just think why can’t it be the same system used in Hollywood?

“My job is to make sure there are no restrictions on creativity,” says Mr Petty.

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Photo credit: Blackmagic Design/Facebook