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Tanya Plibersek contradicts Bill Shorten’s electric car claim

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The Deputy Labor leader admits Bill Shorten has details about electric car charging wrong but says the election campaign is “not a memory test”.

For months now, Mr Shorten has ignored interview requests from The Alan Jones Show.

Instead, he went on an FM radio station to spruik his policy to make 50 per cent of all new cars electric by 2030, and ended up making up lies.

“How long does it take to charge it up?” asked the host.

“It can take eight to 10 minutes depending on your charge,” said Mr Shorten

Motoring expert Trent Nikolic has trialled and tested dozens of electric cars and says the claims are complete nonsense.

“If you spend two and a half to three thousand dollars and you get your wall box set up at home… the car will tend to charge between about eight and nine hours overnight.”

Deputy Labor leader Tanya Plibersek tells Alan Jones Mr Shorten can’t be expected to remember every statistic.

“It’s not a memory test this thing, it’s about making sure we’ve got the right policies.

“One of the reasons that we’re committing $100 million to fast charging stations is because we know that increasingly around the world that electric vehicles are becoming more popular and more common.

“So, a fast charging station you’d spend about 20 or 30 minutes charging your car.”

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