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Sydney Trains ‘will consider’ compensating some revellers after NYE rail chaos

Transport disarray

The boss of Sydney Trains says he’ll consider compensating some people who lost large amounts of money as a result of New Year’s Eve train delays.

Partygoers were encouraged to leave their car behind and use public transport on the biggest night of the year.

But many were faced with lengthy delays after an electrical storm caused extensive delays and cancellations across the network.

In one instance, a group of people missed out on a $725 per-head cruise on the harbour, because of delays on the North Shore Line.

Sydney Train’s Howard Collins tells Chris Smith he’ll consider compensating them.

“If people have had a horrendous journey, they’ve lost thousands of dollars and they’ve had a hard time… I certainly will consider whether we can [compensate them].

“I’m certainly prepared to have a look at individual cases where they can demonstrate clearly that we had let them down.”

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But NSW Transport Minister Andrew Constance tells Deborah Knight it’s taxpayer money and shouldn’t be used to reimburse trips.

He says taxpayers already subsidise every trip by 80 per cent.

“I think most people would realise if there’s 1000 hits of lightning to Sydney Trains infrastructure… a lot of people would say, ‘Look, you know, that was an unavoidable incident’.

“And that’s what happened.”

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Transport disarray