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Sydney council’s rampage on share bikes proving successful

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A crackdown by a Sydney council on share bike operators is already proving to be a big success.

Waverly Council went on a rampage last Monday, impounding any damaged or abandoned share bikes.

In one 24-hour period, the council picked up 62 bikes littering the streets.

The stance has sent a clear message to operators, with oBike removing their bikes from the area altogether.

Ben Fordham speaks with Waverly Mayor John Wakefield.

“In general, the place is looking tidy… most have helmets again,” he says.

“What we want to do is form proper, contractual relationships with good operators to service the need, the demand, for people who wish to ride these bikes.

“We want docked bikes, but the State Government will not, have refused in fact, to give us the legislation to approve docked bikes.”

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