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Success for single mum left in the lurch by NDIS scheme

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Neovy Nappa was told by an NDIS worker to her put her 21-year-old disabled daughter in a group home.

Gabby is severely intellectually and physically disabled and relies on her mum for full-time care.

At the end of her tether and desperate for help, Neovy spoke to Ben Fordham on Tuesday to share her story.

Today, she joins Ben with good news.

“By yesterday, not even 24 hours later I got a call from a young man at NDIS Hurstville office to let me know that I had a new plan put into place.

“I’ve got enough funding now to have Gabby a home with me full time and to put all the supports into place to help me to cope… including respite.”

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And while Ben is pleased with the result, he makes a firm point it shouldn’t take Neovy coming on-air for the problem to be fixed.

“I suppose with myself talking out, and other carers, please ring up and complain, that something might be done about it because it’s just Ludacris,” says Neovy.