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Students embark on ‘life-changing’ ANZAC journey

For Chris Smith, standing on a battlefield was a life-changing experience.

Now, a group of lucky high school students will have the same opportunity.

The six winners of Premier Gladys Berejiklian’s ANZAC Ambassadors Program will head overseas this week to tour historic ANZAC battlegrounds in Greece, Belgium and France.

A journey Chris says they will never forget.

“What a trip, a trip of a lifetime.”

Aquinas College student Ben Capovilla is one of the students chosen to partake.

He tells Chris his 1000-word application was inspired by a quote from an Australian war hero, Sir John Monash.

“I think the ANZACs have taught us that a strong sense of community is vital as we move forward as a modern nation,” Ben says.

“I think they teach us to move away from being narcissistic and selfish.”

Ben says he’s never stood on a battlefield before and is sure the experience will be “absolutely surreal”.

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The ANZAC Ambassadors will head off on Sunday and will return on November 7.

Image: Twitter/@GladysB