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Steve Price hits out at Ben Simmons’ sister for attacking ‘old white men’

Steve Price has hit out at Ben Simmons’ sister after she called Australia “racist” over the treatment of her NBA superstar brother.

Australian basketballer Ben Simmons posted a since-deleted video to Instagram on Monday, insinuating he was refused entry to Melbourne’s Crown Casino due to racial profiling.

But this claim has been heavily disputed by Crown, who say the group was allowed to enter after showing ID.

Liv Simmons went in to bat for her brother on Twitter, saying she’s “tired of old white Australian men saying things aren’t racist when they are” and that “Australia was built on racism”.

She even went after Macquarie Media’s entertainment reporter Peter Ford after he insisted the incident wasn’t about skin colour.

She also hit out at the reporter for having “the stench of privilege”.

But Steve Price says she’s hardly in a place to throw stones.

“That’s a little rich coming from the sister of a bloke who just signed a $200 million plus contract.

“You think that people like me and Peter Ford come from white privilege. I don’t, I come from a working-class background.

“Your brother was paid $50,000 for one week in Melbourne to promote Melbourne on Twitter.

“He’s been driving around town in an $800,000 car, and was flown by helicopter the other day to the Yarra Valley. Enough said.”

Steve Price says she can add him to her list of white men who don’t believe Australia is racist.

“Sure, there are racists in Australia… but is Australia, in my view, fundamentally racist? I don’t think it is.”

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