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Special two-part interview with one of the world’s most ‘fascinating’ politicians


In an era of interesting politicians – Donald Trump, Kim Jong-un, Boris Johnson and even Jacqui Lambie – John Bercow still rates among the most fascinating.

He is the Speaker of the British House of Commons, one of the most prestigious positions in the most famous democracy in the world.

With impeccable intelligence and wit, Mr Bercow has become the first person since World War II to be voted into the job three consecutive times.

Alan Jones has never met Mr Bercow but was thrilled to be able to conduct this special, two-part interview for his listeners.

“This is a bit of an indulgence but I think it’s both interesting and instructive,” says Alan.

“No one in recent time, in my opinion, has made the process of parliament more interesting, indeed fascinating.

“I’m sure I can’t do justice to this man in this interview…”

In a wide-ranging interview, Mr Bercow tells Alan all about his life and his job, including how he manages to memorise the names and titles of the 649 politicians in the House of Commons.

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The son of a taxi driver, John Bercow also happened to be Britain’s number one junior tennis player when he was younger.

He is also famously obsessed with Roger Federer, travelling the world to watch him play.

Mr Bercow tells Alan about his tennis matches these days with British Prime Ministers and celebrities.

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See some of John Bercow’s funniest highlights from the house of commons 


Image: Getty/Dan Kitwood