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Son of Curtis Cheng reacts with incredible strength

The son of murdered police accountant Curtis Cheng says, “the legal system has served justice as best as possible”.

The first of four men accused of involvement in the terrorist shooting of Curtis Cheng has been jailed for at least 33 years.

WATCH | Alpha Cheng’s message of defiance

Raban Alou admitted to handing a gun to the teenager who then killed the 58-year-old father outside the Parramatta Police Headquarters in October 2015.

High school teacher Alpha Cheng has shown incredible strength and he shares with Ben his reaction to the sentencing of Raban Alou.

“We’re just remaining staunch and strong in our position and we trust that the legal system has served justice as best as possible.”

“It’s really a way for us to show defiance.

“People like Alou want us to crumble, want us to terrorise, to hate and we are defying what he wants us to do and that’s our way of fighting back.”

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