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Smithy’s All-Stars: Prue MacSween’s plan to end pollies’ sexual escapades

With a salacious week in politics almost at an end, Chris once again invited Prue MacSween to dissect the drama on Smithy’s All-Stars.

First on the agenda was the rumours of sexual innuendo flying around Canberra.

Prue has her own plan to get politicians’ minds back on the job.

“Well I have three very, I believe, excellent solutions.

“The first one is we have to employ really really ugly people who have body odour. That’s a no brainer.

“Then we must employ people over 80, men with prostate problems. That could work.

“But my personal favourite is that we put bromide into the water system and no one will be doing anything. They will have no intention of hopping into bed or even thinking about it.

On a serious note, Prue commented on the Michaelia Cash controversy saying it was a typical Labor ploy to distract from their own issues.

“Doug Cameron was trying to divert attention from the interrogation about the Australian Worker’s Union raids.”

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